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Tata Institute of Technology Sidhi is one of the premier institute of Vindhya region imparting quality education to computer aspirants established in 1996 as IICE computer education. The institute imparts university course of Makhanalal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita evam Sanchar Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal in 1999. University is affiliated with UGC, ACU and AIU. The institute registration no. is 1002 allotted by the university.

This Institute is governed by the social and educational society named as "Tata educational and social development society, Tata" This institute is situated in the carpet area 88000 sq. feet. It having the different facilities regarding the different couses:

  • Theory class rooms
  • Computer lab (150 computers)
  • CCD (Closed circuit device) Camera
  • LCD/Multimedia projector
  • Library
  • Computer H/W lab
  • B.E./M.C.A./Ph.D. faculties

The door of representation of society opens only through higher education. It is expected to build a good society only through a highly-educated person.History is witness that all the great men who have given a new direction to the society, higher education lies at the root of them. After basic-education, skill development in students takes place only through higher-education. Tata College, Sidhi is also in the forefront of playing its important role in the field of higher education.After getting education from this college, students are playing their important role in various positive activities like academic, professional, political, social etc. Tata College itself holds its first position in the top class in playing its role in kind of activities like academic, professional, political, social etc. Tata College has been established for the positive change of social, educational, economic etc. in the field of higher education, which is committed to fulfill its basic objectives in reality.

About Us

  1. Tata Education and Social Development Committee, Sidhi has been formed to establish on 25 august, 1999 all the dimensions of basic and higher education. This education committee is playing an important role in creating awareness about education from village/city to door-to-door through schools and colleges. Even saying here that the work of this committee is limited only to awareness will not be enough. The main objective of this committee is to carry out the responsibility of handling various responsibilities by equipping the students with skill development along with important tasks like intellectual, mental, physical, social, art, culture etc. Four different educational institutions are giving their recognition to this committee. The detailed description of which is given below:

  2. Affiliated to Indian Institute of Computer Education:
    Tata Computer College, Sidhi was recognized by the Indian Institute of Computer Education on 14 October, 1996. For the first time in Sidhi district, this college was established for the development and growth of higher education (especially computer education). Diploma courses were conducted by this college. From the foundation day, this college was on the path of continuous progress in its development. But now there was a special need to establish a new dimension to this college. That is why a new direction and condition had to be decided to conduct the courses of various degrees and diplomas based on computer. The following are the courses offered by this institution:
    Sr. No. Sylllabus Year Place
    01 Certificate Six Month Prince Hotel Sidhi
    02 Diploma One Year
    03 Advanced Diploma Two Year
    This college campus shifted in 15 August, 1997 from Prince Hotel to Swayambar Palace, Uttari Karundiya, Sidhi (M.P.)
  3. Affiliated to Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University:
    On 1 September, 1999 MakhanLal Chaturvedi Vishwavidyalaya was recognized for conducting both degree and diploma courses. After which Tata Computer College Sidhi was established as Tata Institute of Technology, Sidhi. Under which the following courses were conducted:
    Sr. No. Syllabus Year
    01 P.G.D.C.A. One Year
    02 D.C.A. One Year
  4. BCA was recognized in the year 2000. A total of 08 students had taken admission in this course. 02 students could not complete the course due to personal reasons. The following courses were recognized in 2003:
    Sr. No. Syllabus Eligibility Comments
    01 B.Sc. (IT) 10+2 from any discipline This course has been discontinued since 2018.
    02 M.Sc. (IT) Graduation from any discipline This course has been discontinued since 2018.
    03 M.Sc. (cs) Graduation from any discipline
  5. Affiliated to Awadhesh Pratap Singh Vishwavidyalaya:
    In 2008, Awadhesh Pratap Singh University got recognition in the name of Tata College, Sidhi, in which the following undergraduate courses are conducted:
    Sr. No. Syllabus Year Eligibility
    01 B.A. Three Year 10+2 Pass
    02 B.C.A. Three Year 10+2 Pass (Math Group)
    03 B.Com. Three Year 10+2 Pass (commerce Group)
    04 B.Sc. Three Year 10+2 Pass (Science Group)
    In 2009, B.Ed. Course also got conduct by NCTE and Awadhesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa. In 2010, Tata College got the recognition to offer the following courses :
    Sr. No. Degree Eligibility Year
    01 B.Sc. (Bio Tech) 10+2 (Bio Group) Three Year
    02 B.Sc. (Microbology) 10+2 (Bio Group) Three Year
    03 B.Sc. (Plane) 10+2 (Bio Group) Three Year
    04 B.Sc. (CS) 10+2 (Math Group) Three Year
    05 B.Com. (Plane, Taxation, Computer) 10+2 (Commerce Group) Three Year
    06 B.A. (Hindi, Geography, Political, Sociology, History, Computer) 10+2 Any discipline Three Year
    07 B.B.A. 10+2 Any discipline Three Year
    08 M.Sc. (Biotech) B.Sc. (Biotech/Microbology/Bio) Two Year
    09 M.Sc. (Bio Chemistry) B.Sc. (Biotech/Microbology/Bio) Two Year
    10 M.Sc. (CS) BCA, BE, B.Sc. (CS/IT) Two Year
    11 M.S.W. Graduation of Any discipline Two Year
    12 M.Sc. (Botany) B.Sc. (Biotech/Microbology/Bio) Two Year
    13 M.Sc. (Geology) B.Sc. (Biotech/Microbology/Bio) Two Year
    14 M.Com. Graduation of Commerce discipline Two Year
    15 M.A. (Hindi) Graduation of Any discipline Two Year
    16 M.A. (Geography) Graduation of Any discipline Two Year
    17 PGDCA Graduation of Any discipline One Year
  6. Board of Secondary Education, Bhopal (M.P.) :
    In 2015, Tata D.Ed. College recognized by Board of Secondary Education, Bhopal.
  7. In the year 2014, Established Tata Education college, Sagara.
  8. In the year 2014, Established Tata College, Maugnaj.
  9. 5th July, 2016 Siddhbhoomi International School got accreditation from CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). To get detailed information related to this school, visit the respective website.



Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication (MCNUJC) was established 29 years ago. Carrying forward the legacy of excellence, it is a leader and pioneer in Mass Communication, Media, Journalism, Computer Applications, Digital media, and Management Education.

Established in 1990 by the Madhya Pradesh Government, MCNUJC is named after Pt. Makhanlal Chaturvedi, the great editor, poet, litterateur and freedom fighter. It is the first academic centre of excellence in the entire Asian sub-continent where professionals are developed in Communication, Media, and IT disciplines through traditional and modern methods of communication relevant to the current media needs. The University is also recognised under section 12(B) of UGC.

Sticking to the newest trends of Media and Information Technology, the University conducts postgraduate, undergraduate as well as skill-oriented diploma courses in Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Advertising and Public relations, Electronic Media, New Media, Computer Applications Media management and Communication Research.

University has been a pioneer in launching many new job-oriented courses of significance, which have received enormous appreciation among employers. The University has a focused approach towards professional education, training and innovative methods of teaching and learning. Students get opportunity to study subjects of their choice under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) as per the industry needs. The University is equally appreciated for its research contribution through its research scholars leading to the award of PhD in Media and Computer Applications. Most of the faculty members of the university hold a PhD along with strong research contribution.

MCNUJC is a unique amalgamation of Media and IT professionals and academicians. Today, the university is also providing education to the remote rural areas with a wide network of over more than 1700 associated study institutes, where annually over one lakh students are studying in regular programmes. This is a grand indicator of the university’s success, credibility, popularity and recognition.

Our faculty members are renowned for their dynamic approach, research and dedication. They are approachable and enthusiastic teachers who make their disciplines accessible and enjoyable. The university aims to transform dreams and ambitions of students into global opportunities for success. Alumni are placed in renowned print media institutions, channels, advertising agencies, public relations firms, graphic designing and multimedia world, information technology and computer industries and many of them occupy senior positions.

What makes MCNUJC the first choice for media, communication and IT education in the entire country is its comprehensive academics with exceptional industry exposure and quality education on affordable fee structure with the best professional environment.

Hon’ble Vice President of India is the Visitor of our university. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is the Chairman of the General Council and the Management Committee of the University. General Council is the supreme decision-making body of the university and it directs the academic and administrative activities of the university. Many distinguished people in the media like the Chairman of Press Council of India, representative of Editors’ Guild, reputed information technology professionals, renowned teachers and well known personalities of the country and the state are nominated as the members of the General Council. The Management Committee of the university executes the policy and administrative matters. Leading University through managing, teaching and administering lie with the Vice Chancellor of the university. The Academic Council includes distinguished teachers of media and computers, senior professionals and heads of the university departments. It provides guidance and decides matter related to teaching, training and research activities of the university. The Vice Chancellor is also the Chairman of the Academic Council.



Tata institute as a dynamic learning community that is meating the need of its student population while maintaining the awareness of living in a rapidly changing society with dirverse.



Tata Institute wishes to upkold the proud tradition of being an education center within the sidhi district. The aim of tata institue is to help students to develop, to the fullest, their potential in all aspects of intellectual, social, emotional.



Create a platform for students for exploring their creative potential and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and critical thinking Inculcate a strong belief in hard work and core values of gender equality, human rights and ecology in order to make them socially responsible citizens.






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